Why referral is not working if I am referred by an employee? rules need to be modified!!!

Just Moved In

I signed up with a referral from my friend and that referral was successful. I got a mail stating that I will get $25 + $25 and that will take 3~4 weeks. Even after 2 months, the bonus was not credited in my account then I contacted the support team. Then after verifying the information they told me I am not eligible for referral bonus as I was referred by a Telus employee!!! When I used my friend's referral I did not get any message saying that referral will not work if that is from Telus employee!!! They don't need the business from their employee??? They are spreading good talk with their friends and they also need to be encouraged as well as the new customer!


I think Telus should reconsider the referral rule and deposit the referral bonus in every person's account who is referred by Telus employee.


Status: New Idea