Weather Network HD, Univision, Pet Network, RDS 2, Pet Network


Any chance of the following channels being added in the near future?

Weather Network HD
Time shift channels from Montreal (CBC, CTV, City, Global)
Aux TV
Pet Network
MLB network
Univision Canada

Anyone else have any suggestions for channels they would like to see added to Optik TV?

Status: Under Review

I'm totally on board with your idea of adding Univision Canada. It is really frustraiting to see that other providers like Shaw, Bell, and Rogers offer it, even is offered in Telus Satelite TV, but for some reason it's not available on Optik TV.



Status changed to: New Idea
Friendly Neighbour

I am on board with MLB network. Have emailed many times regarding this. Rogers has had it for a few months now.




I am for those channels as well as the following:


NASA HD (Already carried by Rogers and other Canadian service providers)

BBC World News HD (Bell Fiber carries it)


Not sure if any Canadian service provider offers these US HD channels. It would be great if TELUS could be the first to offer them:




FOX Business HD
FOX News Channel HD


Status changed to: Under Review

Does telus have plans to offer fox news in HD?


FYI, fox news is the #1 watched cable news channel, has more prime time viewers than cnn, msnbc and hln combined.



Please add MLB network Canada. 

It would also be desirable to add more of the news channels in HD (Fox News, CNBC, Al Jazeera, BBC World News, MSNBC, Weather Network HD)

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Ambert, did anything happened to adding Univision Canada to Optik TV? It was available on Telus Satellite