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Why does the Telus 'Essentials' not include celebrated Canadian sports? Tuning in to watch our Country contend in World-wild Sports (such as: the World Juniors), should be a celebrated event, available to all Telus Subscribers. But somehow, over the years, watching these events has become a privilege. Why does a proudly Canadian company such as Telus, make their customers pay extra to view these National events? How do we all 'Root, Root Root for the Home Team' when we have to pay extra to do so?

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Community Power User

That is because large broadcasters out east buy the rights to air the games for more money than CBC can afford, and then charge Canadians for the priviledge to watch them. TSN is not deemed an essential channel by the CRTC and thus Telus has to pay extra to Bell to access that channel, which in turn means we all have to pay to watch that channel. 


I'm not even sure who you'd be able to legitimately complain to where it would make a difference.  You could try complain to the CRTC but unless a LOT of complaints come in, and I mean many thousands of them, the CRTC won't do anything and Bell will still control the IIHS broadcast rights. Maybe the federal competition bureau but I don't think they even deal with issues like this. Complaining to Bell will be useless since they love money and won't budge on the issue.


The most ideal thing that could happen is that broadcasters should be forced to be 100% separate companies / entities from their TV and internet service provider businesses.