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Status: Closed

Voice over LTE is great.  However, I think it should be enabled for every recent phone which supports it. Or at least every recent phone sold by Telus that supports it.


In the "old days", it was my understanding that standards came out, and when networks and phones adhered to these standards, functions would work.

I do not really understand this very slow "model by model" roll out of Voice Over LTE.


The other thing is that it doesn't work with roaming.  Are we to believe that this was not taken into account when the standard was conceived?? I find that far fetched.


What was the provision for roaming with VoLTE and what is the barrier to having it in place?  When can we expect it?


Thank you.



Status changed to: Closed
Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

@BillTelusCust Thanks for your input. Regarding to roll out, to ensure network stability, we roll out to compatible devices over time rather than all at once.  


Regards to roaming, you are correct, VoLTE is not available while roaming. We will put your suggestion forward for our teams to look into 🙂


The ticket was closed without an answer.


I'd like to know why, if it is a standard, it is taking so long to roll out all these phones which are compatible.  Is Telus' implementation of VoLTE special?


I'd also like to know what the barriers are to having it work while roaming....


I appreciate the forum, but the answer was vague to the point of not being an answer. I don't know any more than I did before posting the question.




Agree the answer provided was a non answer to the roaming question. Maybe someone in TELUS could comment on the current situation, as this article is rather dated.



It almost appears that the standard was deployed before all of the implications were worked out.  We know there is roaming.  We know there is lawful intercept.  We know that call data should be able to be segregated from other data.  Can these not be "tagged"?  


Although it is not a Telus specific issue, the fact remains that the telecom industry appears to have widely deployed a protocol where there is not a definitive plan to address all the issues.


As for the Telus statement of "taking time" to roll out the devices to ensure network stability....although agreed, it shouldn't be spaced out over years!  Either a consequence of an incomplete standard, or the lack of an adherence to one.  Either way, it comes across as sloppy.