Visual Voicemail Standard for iPhone

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Hey there, so I saw something on Facebook that said Telus was the BEST iPhone carrier, and I said "If you were you'd have visual voicemail standard on all iPhones." I know when Apple originally positioned the iPhone back in 2007 visual voicemail was a major feature. I'm not sure if Apple charges some sort of licensing fee or if this is just a cash grab for some carriers. But old call in voicemail sucks so bad. (It's a terrible experience.) Why not just make visual voicemail standard to ALL iPhone users? That would potentially be something that would keep people from switching carriers and might even help bring in new customers if the price was otherwise the same. (Also it's just nice to give all your customers the best experience possible.)

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YES! I've called in and tried to get the reps to make sense of the pointlessness of iPhone Visual Voice mail as being an additional $5 a month even with the Your Choice plans. Those plans include Voice mail 25, which is the same price as an add-on as Visual Voice mail. Yet, as an iPhone user, we have to pay for the Visual Voice mail add-on. They need to create an iPhone version of this plan that swaps out Voice mail 25 with Visual Voice mail.

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I didn't even know a Visual Voice mail add-on was an option, but I would love this!!