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Let's talk about this for a second.  

This feature is baked into the OS, iOS has VVM baked into the OS.  Why is there support for the iOS version and not the Android version?  Would it kill ONE Canadian carrier to actually support features baked into Android for a change?


According to data, Android makes up over 50% of Canadian mobile devices used.  Can Telus actually do something for its customers for once and implement features baked into Android?  iOS VVM requires a small fee.  Do the same with Android.


Pretty **bleep** simple.



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I honestly would love to have a voicemail to text with the visual voicemail like fido has. It's built in together , so you would receive a voicemail via mms with audio recording as well as it transcribed for you and works with all phones.. That would be great!

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Neighbourhood Alum

Hey, @UniversalExports, TELUS already supports voicemail to text. What this thread is about is the feature Google rolled out for Android phones last year that no Canadian carrier currently supports–potentially a great opportunity for TELUS to step in and offer it as a differentiator.


@compile wrote:


According to data, Android makes up over 50% of Canadian mobile devices used.

In fact, Android makes up more than 88% of the mobile OS market share... seems like a no-brainer!

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This is a feature that I have asked 2 years ago. Visual voicemail was not native on Android. The operator had to provide his own application which supports this function. In Canada Bell and Rogers already have one. Not Telus. Someone at Telus said to me that this is a feature that is not enough demanded



This is the only iPhone feature that miss me! Please Please Please!! 

Status changed to: Completed
TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hey all. Great news!


I'm happy to tell you that Visual Voicemail for Android is here! Right now it's offered on the Nexus 5X, 6P, Google Pixel and Pixel XL but stay tuned as it's rolled out on other devices soon.


Part of why we can do this is because of your requests in the Neighbourhood. It doesn't always happen immediately but your submissions to make a difference.


Find info on how it works and how to add it to your account at Visual Voicemail for Android.



Thanks 🙂

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Great news!


Does this feature include voicemail transcription within the app? This would almost single-handedly convince me to switch to Telus. I know Telus has the capability for this since they offer voicemail-to-text, and Android Visual Voicemail can fetch transcriptions if it's set to do so, it's just a question of whether Telus actually implemented it.