Updated info on My Telus


Not sure why this have to be a new idea?!

After logging into My Telus, the billing info is not up to date.

After I made a change there is no sign of it. Except on the phone with the agent.

When I get online, it should be able to show me update info not just the last invoice info.

Status: New Idea

I agree. Also I made changes to my channel package and would like to have a proper confirmation showing my new charges. I did get an email confirmation but all it said was your Internet changes, which I never changed? Plus it looked like I ordered a second PVR which I didn't order! Had to call in and waited 3 hours only to be told to ignore it? Never did get a proper confirmation.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Just_LH That is odd, when it is changed online through My Account, the changes would typically reflect right away. Let's make sure we are referring to the right place. Once you logged in, your billing address should appear under My Profile, then under Your Accounts. Is that where you were referring to? 


First, it wasn't changed online, it was changed on the phone. Weeks ago.

2nd. I am not going to My Profile. there I would find My Profile. But I am taking about Billing, so it is under Billing.