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Status: Closed

Not sure why this have to be a new idea?!

After logging into My Telus, the billing info is not up to date.

After I made a change there is no sign of it. Except on the phone with the agent.

When I get online, it should be able to show me update info not just the last invoice info.


I agree. Also I made changes to my channel package and would like to have a proper confirmation showing my new charges. I did get an email confirmation but all it said was your Internet changes, which I never changed? Plus it looked like I ordered a second PVR which I didn't order! Had to call in and waited 3 hours only to be told to ignore it? Never did get a proper confirmation.

Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

@Just_LH That is odd, when it is changed online through My Account, the changes would typically reflect right away. Let's make sure we are referring to the right place. Once you logged in, your billing address should appear under My Profile, then under Your Accounts. Is that where you were referring to? 


First, it wasn't changed online, it was changed on the phone. Weeks ago.

2nd. I am not going to My Profile. there I would find My Profile. But I am taking about Billing, so it is under Billing.



Things have not improved.
I received my new invoice.
First let me repeat. The PDF or paper is the same as what I see under Billing online! It is not current info, only a copy. Why is that a problem?
I describe.

My month ends around the 15th so previous bill June-July  / current:July-Aug /  Next:Aug-Sep
After receiving my June-July invoice I made a change a few days later.
Since then, there was no update online under billing regarding the changes.

More than that, even that I made the changes on July 18-19, they still could not recalculate and change the July invoice, so I was overcharged 2 weeks later. Later explained that a credit will appear on next bill. It did.

So here is what I have:
A static online bill for July 15 (so before the changes)
A static online bill for  Aug 15 (showing credits applied from july 18 to aug 15) so a decreased amount due in September.

 Here is what I don't have:
What is the monthly plan I am on, including the loyalty credits (not the over payment)(my changes were all loyalty credits)
How much was the over payment? It is partial so calculations needed because this includes all credits applied.charges.PNG






What I should have:

Previous bill July 15 for July -Aug
Updated/current plan I am on. Online, the day after changes made, so say July 20. Showing the updated plan cost with the recurring credits and taxes.
Aug 15 bill showing current plan and cost. Show the recurring credits applicable and final cost. Still don't know this. (I know what it should be (from the phone call)  + tax but I would like to see it online.
And if the were other overcharge/partial month credits, show the calculation and show that separately.

While not part of billing and updated information, it would be also nice if they could recalculate on the fly and not overcharge but I am starting to feel I'm asking too much.

Community Power User
Community Power User

I believe part of the issue you are seeing is because you are billed one month in advance for telecommunications, and your most recent bill includes adjustments for the change you made retroactive to July 19, and the regular discounts for next month in advance. You weren't overcharged - you were charged in advance, and refunded.


Your plan(s) likely did not change - you most likely were simply given a loyalty discount. 


While it would be nice to have your bill adjusted instantly, I really don't see that happening, as the bill generation date triggers the collection of all the data bits to form the bill. You are effective asking that everyone's bill be recalculated daily.



Computers only work at the end of the month? .....must be a union thing.

Actually I am saying it can be recalculated at the time of the change.  Not every day. It has to be recalculated anyway at some point anyway.

This is about updated and clear information online.

I don't know what is expected from companies by (CRTC?) but I don't think this it clear.


Weather if the company should be billing me in advance or not, that is another discussion. Clearly we have no credibility so we can be trusted with one month payment.


Status changed to: Closed
Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

@Just_LH After reading the addtional discussions, we understand your idea, and its value. As @NFtoBC mentioned, like most telecommunications company, we bill a month ahead. For any changes made within a billing cycle, our billing system will wait until the end of the billing cycle to calculate the differences, and adjust accordinly on your next bill. And once a bill is finalized, it will be static, and any adjustments that did not appear, will appear on bill the following month. 


We do have a dedicated team working on our billing system, and making our bill easier to understand for our customers, so we will pass your sentiment along to this team. We will be closing this idea, as this would be part of a progressive process and we would not be able to provide meaningful status tracking. 


Thanks for the idea, if you have any questions, or require clarification on your bill, please do not hestiate to reach out to a TELUS representative.