Update on new Multiview App

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On another post, Telus Techs mentioned that we should be expecting a new functionality to replace Multiview. (post here http://forum.telus.com/t5/Ideas/Bring-Multi-View-back-to-Optik-TV/idi-p/55931). Can you please update us on the status? This is basic functionality that should be available on any premium cable service.
Status: New Idea
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Status changed to: New Idea
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Hi there,

Any updates on this feature that you used to have?  A couple posts from over a year ago state


"Good news is we have something else in the works. Stay tuned!"


When should we expect this?



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Wanted to use multi view many times but could never find it. (The instructional video is still on the help menu). I decided to search it today and found many threads where it has been deleted and questions about "when will it be introduced?".  It should be a standard feature no matter the usage or perceived importance!!!

So I will ask again, as others have - and has been commented on a coming new similar feature, when will this be available again???