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Hi Telus! 

As a subscriber who never reaches the data limit they pay for each month, I'd like to propose the idea of "data dipping". For those times when I do need some extra data in a month, it would be nice to be able to dip into a bit of that unused data. Say give me an extra 20 gigs so many times a year...something like that. Of course roll over data would be the best, but I'd personally never use it all. I would however benefit from a dip in once in a while. Please consider it! Thanks!

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Or they can step up an offer unlimited data plans and not ask hundreds for it.

They can easily have an unlimited plans for $70 a month. But we as stupid consumers are forced to pay through the nose for minimal data plans! An we are expected to believe data costs Telus so much money, when it's pennies a GB!

When will Telus be ahead of the curve. Apps like periscope are the  future, Telus plans are stuck in the 90s.


Cool idea, I take it you mean on home internet? 

@WestCoasterBC any facts to back up that claim around $70 unlimited making economic sense? How would Telus invest in their network years down the line if they can't increase their revenue? Would you accept an annual $5 price increase to cover the cost? Unlimited always sounds appealing until you realize they would be forced to let network quality and congestion suffer if they can't invest.