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I understand that you can't make money if you give everything away and that you want to sell international minutes BUT often having a phone unlocked is about communication within a country with people there. I travel to Cuba, for example, often to help with local projects. It makes sense for me to have a local SIM card but unless my phone is unlocked I cannot even consider that.  In my case I had an unlocked Telus phone in the past but after my upgrade was refused the request to have the new phone unlocked for free. Poor customer service and bad feeling for such an inexpensive give. Give your people the latitude to make good decisions based to the merit of the ask, especially ones who spend close to $2000 a year with you.

Community Power User
Community Power User

You can have any phone unlocked after 3 months for a small fee. That's the best you will get or purchase a used phone already unlocked.

Community Power User
Community Power User

iPhones come from the Apple Store unlocked as do Nexus devices. The savings of using a local SIM in international locations usually pays for the unlock fee in short order, and usually boosts the resale price of you phone by at least the unlock price when you co to sell it.

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