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I really appreciate the new unlimited mobile data plans, as they give me peace of mind as I now feel free to stream news radio during my commutes. I just feel more connected with the world. However, It's frustrating that I HAVE to use my 10 GIgs of high speed data FIRST for doing something so mundane, which would probably work perfectly fine with a slower speed since it's just audio streaming.


Essentially, I would prefer to either have A) the option to use slower speeds when I want, so that I can save my 10 gigs for tethering my computer for when I need to work remotely and there's no wifi hotspot, or for when I just need the faster speeds, 


or B) the ability to use an unlimted (or equal to my highspeed limit) tethered data at a slower speed for doing remote work. 


I definitely understand that the mobile networks aren't capable of handling the traffic of unlimited data for netflix streaming or gaming etc. But for student's who are doing basic research, or document editing in their cloud, then it could be feasible.


So yeah, either option would work for me,


Thank you for your consideration 

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You could just set your phone to 3G rather than using LTE! Which will slow your Data speeds down somewhat.