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Just Moved In
Hi I was just wondering if there is any way to stop Netflix from auto playing another episode when watching TV series. I fall asleep watching netlfix all the time and it will end up playing through the whole season using up a lot of data. On Xbox it will ask if I'm still watching the show after a few episodes but on the telus box it plays the the entire season.
Community Power User
Community Power User

I'm experiencing the same thing and wondering if you found a solution? In NetFlix under 'Playback Settings' I have 'Play next episode automatically' unchecked. Here's my experience in a long chat session with NetFlix help:

  1. Sign out of NetFlix on the Optik box and sign back in - no effect episodes still autoplay
  2. Power cycle the Optik box (unplug for 10 seconds) - no effect episodes still autoplay
  3. Try playing episodes on laptop and the next episode does not autoplay


NetFlix help concluded that this feature is not currently available on Telus equipment.