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It's likely out of Telus' control but it would be nice if the set top box could have a display for the current channel that is being output.


The scenario is when I might be recording a sports event but I might have left the set top box on the same channel as I'm recording.


When I come back to watch the recorded sports event on the PVR and turn on the TV, the channel is still on and the content is being displayed.  The event could be the subject of what's going on live TV and it could give away or "spoil" the result.


Hypothetical example:  someone must work during the broadcast time of Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals.  The game is set to record on the PVR and the viewer is careful to avoid any media, news or social media whilst working and coming home.  The viewer turns on the TV but what's on is the celebrations by the winning team, thus spoiling the show for the viewer.  


If the viewer knows in advance of turning on the TV that it's on the sports channel in question, the view could get the channel changed beforehand.


I see my current Arris Optik TV set top box has no numeric display.  My previous provider's box (also Arris) had a numeric time display, which is hardly useful when everyone has numerous time-telling devices in the house or at hand (cellphone), but critically, it could not be set to show the channel being output (which is disappointing).  


Maybe in future, this feature could be added.


Such a display could also be generally useful to know what channel a particular show being is on.


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