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RE Telus Rewards Program Please bring back the gift card option or allow us to use rewards points to pay our telus bill more frequently than once a year. I don't find the other offerings 'rewarding' at all. Another option instead of the current rewards offerings could be to reduce our bill a percentage each year based on the number of years we have been loyal Telus customers. 

Status: Closed
Community Manager
Community Manager

@purplecrocus Thanks for your idea submission. We are constantly looking to update the list of rewards that are available for customers to redeem. We don't have Amazon gift card, but one year of Amazon Prime membership has recently been restocked, and is now available. Please check back regularly for the latest. 


We'll pass along your feedback and continue to work towards bringing more selections. As it is a continuous process, your idea will not be tracked, and will now be closed. We look forward to more great ideas from you in the future ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Status changed to: Closed

One year of amazon has been dropped. Now I have 92 useless rewards as my Prime account needs to be renewed.