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Status: Closed

Show "seasons" are not the same as they used to be. They start and end at different times of the year, and sometimes are broken up in the middle, then start again. Shaw tells you in the individual episode description whether it is the season finale or series finale, or premier.


This way, every time there is a cliffhanger we won't have to wonder if it's the season finale or not. Thanks!

Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @daisy519 Wow! Another great idea from you. Thanks. We will definitely look into this suggestion and let you know where it ends up.





I too have experienced wondering what happened to my show. Also War and Peace on the A & E channel just disappeared after only two episodes. When I searched for it yesterday only two episodes showed up on demand. Now this morning a third episode showed up on demand but nowhere on the TV guide. I have it recording as a series but now it has disappeared. There has been a lot of mistakes in programing ever since TELUS did the latest was working fine before?

Status changed to: Closed


Thanks for the suggestion!

All program descriptions and information is loaded from the content provider, meaning we cannot modify it. At this time, the content providers have chosen not to provide the season and episode number in the description.


You do have the option to  view the ‘original air date’ and episode title (when applicable) by pressing the info button on the remote.

Just Moved In

This should be revisited. As a previous Shaw customer this is an important part for recorded and on demand shows.


Blaming the provider doesn’t work for the customers who aren’t being unreasonable considering the information is there just not visible. 
Please follow up. 
thanks this will make the service better for all of us.