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Just Moved In
Status: Closed

Please slow down and give more time to read the show description before switching to the actors/release date page. I never have enough time to read all the show description and have to wait til to comes back to it or click away and click back to finish reading the show info. It gets very annoying. Another 5 seconds or even an option to have to click right arrow to then switch to next page with original air date and actors page would work as well.

Community Power User
Community Power User

@sh_lewis  If you're meaning the description in the guide that shows the TV shows, description actors, air date etc. Simply press the INFO button on the remote. The BACK/EXIT button will take you back to the guide.

Friendly Neighbour

WestCoasterBC, you're missing the point. I have the same concern.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Your point is it scrolls to fast for you to read. That is exactly why you press the info button. To read at your pace.


While some think it's to slow others will think it's to fast. Where is the happy medium? How many seconds do you suggest? 


Well how about make everyone happy and have an option available where the user can set the scroll time.  Personally I find it far too slow ... I like to see the "first broadcast" information and have to wait until the first two screens go by.  If I could make it switch screens faster I certainly would.

Status changed to: Closed
TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @sh_lewis


Wanted to check back and let you know that the Optik team is aware of this concern and we're closing it off for now. It may be a part of future updates but in the meantime, hopefully the suggestion from @WestCoasterBC will work for you.


Thanks a lot for the feedback.