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Just Moved In
Status: New Idea

WHEN will you be getting TV Japan in HD. The feed has been available in HD for several years now. Bell's FIBE TV has had it for years. They are also IPTV.

Dish Network also has it in HD.

Many of the Japanese customers pretty much ONLY watch that channel and will not hesitate to switch to another provider that offers better quality. There are already a few "Internet" TV boxes with better solutions available... not quite mainstream yet, but will be soon.

Just Moved In

Just a heads up. Japan TV has put out a survey to all their registered subscribers asking if they'd subscribe to Japan TV through an App like through Android TV/Apple TV. Rumor has it they're tired of cable providers not distributing their HD product. They've had a lot of customers complain about the poor quality SD broadcast which Telus/Shaw are ordering. Bell FibeTV offers the channel in HD. Kind of poor practice for Telus to charge $15 for a premium channel and only order/offer an SD feed. Especially since Japan's been broadcasting HD for 13 years!!!


TV Japan is in HD now!