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Status: New Idea

Just moved from Shaw Gateway and there's lots I like about Optic TV, like the better picture, MUCH faster hardware, channel previews, being able to cfg the guide to show only subscribed shows; having similar channels be grouped; the Netflix App... but there's stuff I miss too... Like:



Smooth ffwd and rewind instead of flashing still picture images

Temporary "last channel" live TV saving that is not "deleted" when you change the channel so that you can go back and forth and still rewind/ffwd on your last 5 live TV channels

The ability to do more customizations like: getting rid of that annoying black bar more quickly at the bottom that stays on "forever" when pause, rewind, play, etc; changing the transparency level of the background live TV while you're in a menu (all the way to 0 perhaps); changing the channel order in the guide to go higher when you press UPWARDS (or at least having it match the direction that happens while you're surfing channel changes while watching live TV); being able to have the PVR default to program title instead of date (like really?)



Just Moved In

These are all great ideas, and things I miss too!!

Status changed to: New Idea
Community Manager
Community Manager
Just Moved In

Nearly 2 years later... and no change. Where is the the update on this?  Hello RhoLee, “Community Manager” at Telus?  Do you copy?