Stingray music Optik channel for playing last played music channel


I like to listen to Stingray music from my stereo and the channels I like to listen to are not on the Optik guide channels.  When I start the Stingray app on Optik it defaults to some random promoted music channel that I never want to listen to. It's so annoying! It would be convenient to be able to start Stingray and automatically play my last played channel using a fixed Optik channel number.


That way I wouldn't need to turn on the TV, start the app, be annoyed with the default music channel then switch to My Channels and select a channel that I really wanted to listen to. I could just power up the Optik box without turning on the TV and key in the Stingray Last Played Optik channel number and be done. This would also allow me to set up an activity on my Harmony Hub so that I could start the last played Stingray music channel from my phone or computer.

Status: New Idea