Static IPs for Residential Internet Accounts

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As a gamer, and hobby web-developer (i.e. I play with recent web languages/technologies just to see what they're all about), I would find it exceptionally useful to have a static IP address on my residential Fibre account so I could run a low-traffic server.

Unfortunately, the option I was given was absurd / insulting.  Considering how much a 50 Mbit Fibre connection already costs, I thought maybe I'd be offered a $5-10/month upgrade fee to add a static IP address, but instead I was offered a more-expensive downgrade to a 25-Mbit ADSL connection, just so I could get a static IP.

In the age of Fibre and where people would like to host their own private game servers for themselves and friends, paying more for a worse connection seems silly.  Not to mention that TekSavvy offers a static IP for $5/month on any residential plan...

And just to be clear, I'm not asking for additional support, or a special rep, extra bandwidth or priority, I just want a static IP, with no blocking of traffic on any ports.  

C'mon Telus.  You can do better.

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Running a server isn't allowed on residential lines. Read the fine print..


In essence you are wanting to perform business activities without having a business account.


To the posts before mine:

    I think he already knows what the "current" policies are, hence his suggestion. Seems like it's something most companies can offer without being a business customer, so it's a fair suggestion/"idea".

Also, the "server" he is talking about it a completely different kind of server than the one you are referring to, WestCoasterBC. It would be like not allowing anyone to have NAS for local file serving... or to run XBMC/Kodi media servers... Gaming servers should be allowed, IMO.


WestcoastBC - your reply is some what silly - today the average consumer has half dozen devices in their home that need port 80 a SERVER- and telus has it blocked.  

i purchased a nice web cam (with built in http for HOME access yet telus has the port 80 blocked?? excuse me? i could understand of the year was 1999... 

my furnace thermostat HOME - it has port 80 - i wanted it to have its OWN ip address not behind firewall my front door security camera for HOME - it has port 80 - i wanted it to have its OWN ip address not behind firewall ... 

i have westnet wireless internet at my other place and i do get a free port 80  

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I would use a dynamic DNS service assuming you can put your ISP modem/router in bridge mode.  Avoids all of the big brother issues and basically gives you a "static" ip address (30 of them actually with and then you can access any server on your system.


If Telus is blocking port 80 (why?) them just use another port. For example, you could set up a host name like Then you set your our router to port forward to your camera software server on say port 2000. Then you could access you your cameras from anywhere in the world buy using





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Since upload speed is already limited (50Mbps down, 10Mbps up) then there should be absolutely no problem with allowing servers.  Many years ago Telus used to allow servers while Shaw did not.  Now Telus doesn't either.  It might be a security concern vs. a bandwidth usage issue.  Or they were tired of getting complaints about services people were running on their machines at home so they stopped allowing it.


Anyway - my point is that we pay for the service and the CRTC says they cannot prefer certain kinds of traffic so they need to allow unfiltered access up or down the pipe.  

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Please Telus, if anyone from this company reads these comments, all I want, and it doesn't seem like it is too much, is a working cellphone connection from my home, and a static IP address at my home.


almost every home now has some sort of web server.......


every router has a built in server

microsoft even has microsoft OS home server

webcams have built in server 


troll says "

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Running a server isn't allowed on residential lines. Read the fine print.."

the OP is not running a data center. my 12 year old daughter even likes computers and is learning php and has her own web server 


if you are in calgary you can get a static ip if you get internet from westnet or teksavvy