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I install Home Automation with security and camera's. I set up my clients smart phones to access and control their homes from remote. From time to time the IP address changes or if the modem is powered down we usually get a new IP. Telus will only offer Static Ip's to business, not their residential clients. My 1st option is to find a service that will track a IP if it changes for free or pay but their is a lag in tracking sometimes, 2nd option is to advise my clients to join a provider that can offer static IP. This security home automation is becoming a big market and Telus is missing Out!

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Actually, Telus does not offer static IP to their business clients. The fine print indicates it is a long term dynamic IP address. I expect their big corporate clients can get a static IP, but us small potatoes folk still get the potential of a switched IP address. Best options are battery backup of the gateway, and the IP tracking you described.

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HI @GaryG,


Thanks for sharing this idea with us!

At this time, we're not looking to add static IP options for our consumer services. There is some interest from the "prosumer" crowd but  mainstream interest isn't yet high enough to get the ball rolling on this. 


There is potential for these sorts of services to be available with our fibre packages in the future but it is not on the immediate roadmap.

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