Static IP and Unrestricted Ports on Home HS plans

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With the upcoming changes to High speed , I would like to see an option to allow certain ports to be opened up upon request. on home plans. Too many devices these days require access to port 80, 443, 3389, 4125 for remote cameras, home streaming services, file sharing sources etc as examples. I am even willing to pay for this ability. But i think it shoudl be included in select plans at no charge. The alternative is shaw which includes this at no charge!. As well for someone who has all 4 services from telus i should not have to get business account just for a static ip or these ports when all i want is a home use setup.

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The current process is too complicated.  With my Zyxel modem the only port blocked as 80, with Actiontec it's like every port is blocked.  I just changed my port to 81 or higher and it worked.

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Hi @dlanebc ,


Thank you for sharing your idea. I shared it with our internal ideas team for review. Once I have an update I will let you know.


Please continue to submit more ideas!


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Dear @dlanebc, 


Thanks again for submitting this Idea. We explored the opportunity with our product team and have decided not to pursue it. The reason why we're not moving forward with the fixed IP or fully unrestricted port services is because we've found that there isn't large enough consumer demand. While there are a few more tech-savvy customers and some of the more professional customers who may be interested, the audience is not large enough for us to recoup our costs for developing the feature. 


Please do continue to provide feedback and let us know how we can improve our services! We're always listening.


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