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After English and French, Spanish is the most used language in Canada. TLN is offered by Optik TV, with very little Spanish. For TLN, latin programming includes two hours of back to back repeats of I LOVE LUCY but almost no Spanish! Univision Canada, 24 hours in Spanish, is now available and evidently available on Telus satellite service but not Optik TV. It is offered by Telus' competitors such as Rogers and Shaw. I have friends who like my Optik TV but use other services to obtain Univision (previously TLN en Espanol). Telus has a great line up of multicultural channels in various languages but not in Spanish. A good idea would be to correct this discrepancy in service and let me and thousands of others enjoy Spanish language programing.

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Any updates to this?  I noticed ambert said we should hear something in 2015 but that is long passed.  Please TELUS add some Spanish language programming so I dont have to switch to Shaw.

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Switched to Telus from Shaw last year and overall the experience has been good, but I was REALLY disappointed to find that there aren't any Spanish channels - especially when so many other languages are offered.  Judging by this thread, nothing has happened despite people asking for years.


When is Telus planning on adding a Spanish channel??  Please give us an update!  Thanks.


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My husband and I are really disappointed that our favourite TV channel - TLN - has been removed from the lineup. He is Italian and the local Italian community that he is a part of, are very upset by Telus removing this channel. As noted, in this string, there is very little Latino content on Telus - please bring back TLN !

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i also would like to see some Spanish TV. 

a learning channel would be great

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