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I'm miserably unhappy, sometimes suicidal, and all I want to do is to distract myself with a few YouTube videos. Before every one some days I get the same Telus ads, and they don't allow skipping the ad. Please Telus - have a heart. Let me get to my funny video to keep me going without having to hear your ad every time. Thanks

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Hi @SadInSK 


I'm really sorry to hear that you're so unhappy! I can see how not being able to skip an ad to get to your favourite YouTube video might be annoying. I'm passing this along to our marketing team so that you never have to encounter unskippable TELUS ads again.


In the meantime, perhaps this little guy will help put a smile on your face. - Amber





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Status changed to: Completed

Hi @SadInSK ,

Great news! I provided this feedback to the marketing team and they are listening. They were very responsive to the suggestion. Hope this makes you happy. 🙂 - Amber