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Very frustrated with contacting service with Telus as a whole. There have been a few problems with Telus after switching from Shaw due to problems with their cable package. This latest incident has left me wondering if it was the right move. After being encouraged by Telus website to make changes online, we used the online opportunity to change our internet package. No problem until we went to watch a particular channel. Apparently due to a system error we lost some of our Optik TV package channels. Now this is not what is the frustrating part. Discovering this issue we checked and rechecked the online Telus site for a contact phone number and did find a number after about 10 minutes. That was annoying enough but then as has happened to us before with other Optik problems, we had to wait on line for over 45 minutes to talk to someone. The issue was resolved after another long wait of 22 hours. We are growing tired of having to wait to talk to the service department. I do believe Telus is a large and prosperous enough company to employ ample people to help with problems that arise.

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Just Moved In

When I log into my Telus / Billing I can only see my mobility bill.  I can not see my Telus Home services bill.  My Telus says the two accounts are linked but I can't see the home services bill so I can't verify what I am being billed for.  Please correct this on my profile.

Thank you.


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