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Status: Closed

I Absolutely love Telus. I have never used any other phone company. My problem is whenever my older cell phone breaks down. I do not have enough money to buy a newer phone, and always end up getting another hand me down from previous Telus user. I have used Telus pay and talk since I was 16. I have been a customer for 6 almost 7 years, and have only used MyRewards once for a phone when I needed it. The MyRewards balance was never that high again to help purchase a new phone, and hand me down phones from friends only last so long and are very frustrating. 

My Idea: 

Taking older model phones that were taken off the line due to lack of buys and selling them at cheaper prices for those like myself that would just like a phone to text/call the family members when its needed, instead of being phone-less. My father and siblings use cell phones often and I do not like having them feel like I love them less because I do not have a working cell to get a hold of them on. 

 (Flip phones, slides, and older models that aren't requested could still make you a profit and help others)

Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @kbeauty


We really appreciate the kind words and think you have a great idea. The good news is that we actually already have a program that supports refurbished phones which is a great opportunity for those who would like to purchase a lower-cost phone. Here's the link to more information.


I'm going to close this idea down because a similar program already exists, but we would love to hear more great ideas going forward!


Thanks so much.







Status changed to: Closed