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Status: Under Review

As a new subscriber am finding search function to be seriously lacking... with other providers you can search the upcoming 14 days of programming not just by entering an individual show, but also by various filters such as new, premieres, and by type eg movie, family, action, sitcom etc.


  If i select premiere it would bring up all shows that are premiering in the next two weeks. I can then scroll through the list and set the show or series to record.



 Right now to understand what is on w optik tv during a particular time period i have to scroll through the guide..i havent had to do that with my previous provider for many feels like a huge step back to me and takes way too much time 😔  would love to see optik manage their search function in the same way.  Please note i realize there are live tv filters that do a bit of this but thats only for what is currently on...

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This sounds like a good idea.  I initially thought the "live TV filters" would do something similar to what you were explaining and then realized that they only do just what you had noted: filter what is currently on.  Filtering the full two weeks in the guide by category like first run/premiere, or by a genre like sitcom, sports, children, etc would be  wonderful.   I hope Telus will consider this, especially the first run/premiere filter as it would help customers to find the new shows / season premieres that are coming out on the various channels more easily.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

I think I get what you mean, @Punky - You want to be able to search by category or filter (i.e. series-> comedy) but would also like to see future programming as opposed to what is currently available.


Am I on the right track?

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Hi @Scoto - yes, thats it filter the future programming as opposed to "on now" programs.   and include a  filter to see what the new (first run) shows are in that time period, as well as one for shows premiering would be so helpful especially during times of the year when movies or new seasons of shows are premiering. 


Status changed to: Under Review
TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Thanks for the clarification. I've passed it on to the Optik team and they'll check it out.


Its hard to make it worse.

Search only the subscribed channels. or separate the result. subscribed, unsubscribed, ondemand.

Mixing all the OnDemand into the lineup and only be able to take it out permanently.

Don't just show me what movies are on now, (who wants to start watching  20 min after start) show me what is coming up in the next hour.