Save money, save the envelope for those who need one.

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I think there should be an option to opt to receive an envelope or not receive an envelope!  Most of Telus users may prefer to receive a bill in the mail rather than a digital copy.  But we perhaps pay our bills online.  We would not need an envelope.  Save the planet one envelope at a time.  Smiley Happy

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Just to clarify, you want Telus to mail you your monthly bill (with account information and line-by-line summary of calls) without an envelope? Could  anyone not see that info then? Personally that would be a concern. 

If you want to save the environment, why not just switch to online and print your bill when you need it? Not sure why you think most people want a paper copy to be honest, the trend is towards online bills in every industry.

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   I believe Roxane means the return payment envelope included in the mailing. 

I usually find another use for them. A marker allows easy redirection to some in-home use, such as holding receipts for the month.


Good idea about opting out of a return envelope. However, I don't agree with your statement that most customers prefer to receive their bill in the mail, especially the ones concerned enough about the environment to want to opt out of a return envelope. I would think they would choose to eliminate the entire paper trail, not just the return route.

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To extend @xray comment, the inclusion of a secure backup process will allow you to maintain a paperless record into the future. Even the CRA accepts electronic records as proof of expenditure these days.