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Recently the US Passport Essentials have been changed for Personal accounts.  One of these options (US Combo Pass 50 – 10 days) offers unlimited minutes, 300 MB data and unlimited texting for a 10 day period.  This would be perfect for business customers like us, who do short trips for work purposes.  This plan isn't offered to Business accounts.  Instead, for the same price we're offered 250 mins, 250MB data and unlimited texting for 30 days.  limited minutes and 50MB less data.  Thanks.  WHY DO YOU NOT OFFER THE SAME OPTION FOR BUSINESS CUSTOMERS?!

An added benefit of the 10 day plan is that often we have multiple trips.  If more than 10 days apart we could add this plan on for each event.  Instead, we're stuck with the 250MB of data until the 30 day period is up.  Business customers are being penalized, not supported.

The tiered Roam Ready plan also is not in our favour.  If I use 600MB of data and make 1 phone call I'm paying $100, plus the $2/month you charge to have this feature on the account.  I could simply select the $80 passport with unlimited calling, 1GB of data and unlimited texting which would be cheaper.


The unlimited options are available for business customers. I'm a business customer and they added it to my account.

Just Moved In

Rogers has a roaming features that allows you to use your unlimited minutes and whatever data plan you have and use it in the states...

Why can't we get similar deal?

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