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I have been using Roam Mobility whenever I travel to the US. I would like to support my home company Telus, but they have made it very difficult with their roaming packages. They have gotten better over time; however, it has taken a long time to get to where we are currently and they are still behind. As a consumer I look to see what I am getting and for what price. I look at the top telecom companies here in Canada and what they offer. Bell Mobility offers $5 a day (Now the data they offer is not great by any means), Rogers mobility offers $5 a day and you use your plan, and data like at home. Telus currently offers $7 a day to get the same service rogers offers. Roam mobility offers $4.95 a day this includes unlimited everything (you have to buy a new sim). I think if Telus could match at least Rogers option and that would then be a valid option. Now this is the bare minimum, and what would be even better is a further reduced fee for roaming services. We (the consumer) know that we are paying the highest prices for our telecom services in the world, so having a far reduced fee for roaming (perhaps $1 a day) would help. I looked at Sasktel to see what their offer was and it is the same as Bell's offer. I bring Sasktel into the mix since a large number of people in my province are going to them because of the packages they offer. In short Telus should at least match their competitors in the market for their roaming services, better yet would be to beat them with a lower price.




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