Requirement: Provide Daily Usage Information


Now that you arte going to charge for over usage for internet, you will need to provide more information to the paying customer about their usage. A monthly summary just doesn't cut it. People need to view their usage on a daily basis so they can make decisions about what they did that day and change their usage pattern. In fact, you shouldn't start charging for over usage until this is in place, because right now the customer feels blind with their usage - I certainly do. I don't care for 3rd party usage utilities either. You, as my internet service provider, should provide this information.

Status: New Idea
Community Power User
Community Power User

Log into your Telus account the data usage is there in black and white. Updated every 48 hours.


Every 48 Hours is nowhere near accurate enough. Using my full advertised speed I can use all my monthly data in just over 9 Hours. We need an hourly counter at the minimum.