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Community Power User
Community Power User
Status: Completed

It would be really nice if Telus had a single web page that documents any recent and upcoming changes affecting home users. If it weren't for the forums I rarely seem to hear about changes that may affect me. For example I just discovered that my personal web site is no longer available:


I'm currently trying to figure out how to get my files from the site.


Also the migration to Gmail could be documented there as well as things like rate increases and changes to Optik bundles. The recent addition of Amazon Prime to Optik would be another example. Links to pertinent resources could also be included.


This page could be referenced on the Telus My Account page with the other categories (Overview, Billing, Optik TV, etc.)


Maybe such a thing already exists already but if it does I haven't seen it.

Status changed to: Completed
TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

@FuzzyLogic Congrats! Thanks to your input, we've implemented your idea and started an article to document recent changes for our home services. You will find the article here


Thanks again for your idea, and active participation within our community 🙂 

Community Power User
Community Power User



It would be great if the info was part of the My Telus page/app as I suspect the majority of Telus customers don't use the Telus forums.


@FuzzyLogic It was nice of them to put it on this web page, all in one place.  Maybe they could put a link on it somewhere, but at some point, people need to make some sort of effort to keep track of changes. I can imagine a lot of people wouldn't like the change log in the app for example.