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We've been Telus customers since 2012. We have also used Wagjag during this time. Telus and Wagjag had a partnership to offer a 10.00 monthly purchase credit off wagjag purchases if you registered your Telus phone account.


Wagjag was sold in 2017, and the program ended Fall 2018. 


This existence of this program was KEY to our continuing as Telus customers, as well as making purchases at Wagjag.


Wagjag frontline customer services says "I know our team is working diligently on renewing this relationship."


As it is now approaching a year both sides might want to actually restore the program. If it isn't renewed I know we and others will look for other service providers...

Community Power User
Community Power User

Telus has created the Telus Rewards program, which likely has supplanted the former one(s). Have you looked into this new program?

Just Moved In

The program you mention requires 2 or more telus products. The previous Wagjag program was WAY more beneficial