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I have a OnePlus 7Pro running Android 10 and the latest messenger. However when I look to enable RCS it says my phone doesn't support it. A simple google search shows people with this phone on different carriers are using RCS without any issues. If you need testers I have participated in many beta programs and would be happy to help.
Just Moved In

When I look this up it seems like if the carrier offers RCS (which you do) they just need to allow it. Please? 

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hey @SpinDr1ft, you should be able to enable RCS using latest Google Messages version on your Android device. Just note that when enabling RCS for the first time on the device, you will be prompted to accept Google Terms of Services before turning on chat features in the Messages app.  For more info, please check TELUS support page here:


Hope that helps.


I have 4 different OnePlus phones (OOS and LineageOS) and they all have RCS working with TELUS.