Put that local US crap in the Lite Basic!!!

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These belong here, not just always in the larger Essentials

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The CRTC states:

Affordable basic package

Priced at no more than $25/month (excluding equipment)


  • Local and regional TV stations
  • Channels with mandatory distribution
  • Community and provincial legislature channels (where available)
  • Provincial/territorial educational channels

Telus meets this requirement and includes the additional channels you suggest  in their Essentials package. Basic has a minimum monthly cost of $30 (plus installation costs) or $40 if you want a PVR. Telus Essentials is $38 including PVR & one wireless box.  For $8 additional per month (essentially free for the first year) you get a pretty good complement of channels.


Remember, the CRTC push was about CHOICE, not savings.