Prepaid roaming

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I had Rogers before and it works awesome just didn't get great coverage in areas where I needed it most,so I switched to telus about a year ago and now I went to states and found out that prepaid doesn't even work out of canada.I mean what a hell?Pretty sure every other provider works out of country with charging little extra for using your device.I think that telus should let prepaid costumers to use there devices anywhere
Status: Requires Evaluation

Hi @OliverC 


Thanks for the great idea! We're looking into this suggestion.


In the meantime, could you provide us with some more deatils on what kind of features and benefits you'd like to see for prepaid roaming packages? 




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It doesn't have to have any special features,just to be able to use the prepaid out of the country would be nice.I understand roaming charges would be applied but that's normal.Even if you come up with some kind of roaming add on ,that would be awesome as long as people can use their phones.
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Status changed to: Requires Evaluation