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Portuguese programming lacks on Optik TV. Are there any future plans to add Portuguese channels any time soon? Channels like RTP for example.
Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @abc123 ,


We have forwarded your idea to our TV Content team. When I receive an update from them I will let you know.


Thanks for the idea and please continue to share more suggestions.


Take care,


Status changed to: Under Review
Status changed to: Hold For Future Consideration

Dear  @abc123 


Thanks for the suggestion! We've added Portuguese channels to our list for future consideration. In the meantime, please continue to suggest new ways we can improve our programming.



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Good morning ,


Can you advise when you will add RTP or similar Portuguese channels to the lineup ???

We have enough population that would subscribe to the channel if it was made available ...

FYI - Portuguese Canadians >> According to the 2011 Census, there were 429,850 Canadians who claimed full or partial Portuguese ancestry, an increase compared to 410,850 in 2006 (1.3% of the nation's total population). Most Portuguese Canadians live in :

Ontario - 282,865 (69%),

Quebec 57,445 (14%) and 

British Columbia 34,660 (8%).[3]


Brazilian ( Portuguese ) residents 56,315 (total of the population)

Total Portuguese speaking Canadians as of 2011 = 486,165 


If you want RTP, you can watch it online :


You're vastly overestimating the number of Portuguese speaking individuals since you just copied text straight from Wikipedia instead of actually reading the data from Stats Canada. Throwing out random numbers without context isn't going to bolster the case to get the channel.


You're also confusing ancestry with the ability to speak Portuguese. There are going to be far fewer Portuguese speaking individuals than total with some form of ancestry, no matter how many generations old, that are connected to Portugal. Stats Canada lists the number of individuals identifying as able to speak Portuguese at only 213,025, which is half of the number you claim. That is also the nation wide numbers. Break that down to the limited number of anyone with Portuguese ancestry in Alberta and BC and you end up with a small number who will actually speak the language.


The actual statistics also include a majority of mixed ancestry responses where the individuals were half Portuguese and half another background. The stats also break it down by first, second and third (or more) generations as well. The 2016 stats show that there were 91,665 third generation individuals and of those 71,180 were of mixed ancestry. Do they all speak Portuguese? Good chance they don't.


From there factor in the cost to get the channel, costs to apply to the CRTC to get the channel approved, and the potential number of Portuguese speakers, then decide if there are enough potential subscribers to offset the costs of offering the channel to start with. I haven't found a provider offering Portuguese channels outside of Ontario.

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When I switched to Telus, from Bell I was no longer able to watch the Brazilian Novelas which are a big part of my culture.  Now I see that content for Portuguese speaking costumers has been suggested 7 years ago.  Wondering if there are any plans to add Brazillian novelas to the programs offered by Telus?