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Telus should look into introducing unlimited data for Pokemon Go, if it is able to determine which app is using the data. It would be huge for publicity and may even woo a number of customers. People of all ages getting up, out, walking around. It could be introduced as a health benefit of sorts. I know a number of teens (namely my younger cousins) who want to play POGO, but can't due to lack of data, and their parents won't buy any for them because they don't want them surfing the net all day.
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Community Power User

The CRTC supports the goal of Net Neutrality, where all data is supposed to be equal. Bell and Rogers have both been chastised (or worse) for offering their TV holdings as free cellular phone offerings, while charging for other data. While it wold be nice to have free data for such beneficial uses, I expect it would not pass the test.


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CPU Alum

fyi... Telus does offer unlimited data at their TelusDirect locations.  Something the competition does not.  unlimited TelusDirect is also faster than unlimited 2G.

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