Please re-add TLN back to Telus TV channels


Please add TLN back to the list of channels offered by Telus. My husband is Italian, and we both loved the TLN channel and watched it daily. Also, he could watch international soccer on that channel. He is a member of the local Italian community and he is not the only one upset by the removal of this channel option.  I also loved that channel and we have many TV shows recorded on our PVR. Now, I don't want to upgrade our PVR because we will lose all the TLN shows we have recorded and can never get them back. Please bring TLN back asap!!


Also note that it is not easy to leave feedback as you have to sign up here, etc. etc, so you are probably not hearing back from people as much as you would if there was an easier way to send feedback (i.e. don't create an account, etc.). 


I hope to hear back soon and this channel is added again!  It is one of the reasons we went with Telus!! Maybe now have to reconsider.

Status: New Idea

Also, we are in BC, just to be clear.


Just a thought....  all tv providers have to look at the bottom line and can only add channels that will have enough viewers to justify putting them on. Unfortunately foreign languages other than French will not have alot of viewers.



How would you know?


Well Raquel 1, first of all your comment is a bit rude...


But I will answer your question:


I spent 3 years in tech school where I learned about telecommunications, radio communications, satellite communications, cable and IPTV, as well as networking....  The technology the phone companies use is called IPTV.....  so there you go...


Everything is based on dollars and cents, Providers try to please the most viewers as possible so they will add the most popular services. The number of channels that can be provided on any television system is fixed. If there are not enough viewers to support a specific channel and there are more demands to put on a more popular channel the less popular channel will be removed, especially if the capacity to carry additional channels is limites. Some channels are "must carry" service which meens that the tv provider has to carry them as a condition of their license from the CRTC. These channels will always be there unless the channel stops operating or regulations change. Foreign language channels are considered discretionary. Each tv provider can pick and choose which ones to carry. It is sad but there are many many foreign language services, other than the one you are referring to, that do not make it onto the Canadian system,