Please provide accurate information


Telus is providing false information in the promotional details for the Pik TV box by stating that you can "access your files" through the USB port on the box when this functionality appears to be unsupported. Telus will not even provide information as to how this is supposed to work and nobody I was able to contact could explain why they are advertising this when nobody there has clue how this works. This matter has been on the forums for three months and Telus was informed through the "guaranteed response within 24 business hours" escalation route months ago, with no response whatsoever. So anybodywho has purchased this box with that function as a priority has been defrauded. Telus has been repeatedly informed of this, yet STILL the sales pitch remains the same for any potential new customers. Shameful.


IDEA:  If you can not actually provide the function, please do not falsely claim that you can and then ignore customer input when alerted to this falsehood. (Should this even have to be mentioned?)   

Status: New Idea