Please bring #TELUSDirect Wi-Fi Hotspots across Canada

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I'm from the Greater Toronto Area and am currently a monthly postpaid customer with Koodo, Telus' subsidiary and I would like to see #TELUSDirect Wi-Fi hotspots become available all across Canada. Back in the first week of March 2015, flew to British Columbia for a school ski trip at Whistler Blackcomb and was impressed by the fact that as a Koodo customer, I was able to access free Wi-Fi in certain parts of the Whistler Village courtesy of Telus. The truly amazing part is that because I have a Koodo SIM in my phone, I was able to automatically connect to the #TELUSDirect hotspots without entering any information at all and the connection was secure and provided super fast Wi-Fi speeds whenever I was connected to the #TELUSDirect Wi-Fi. Ever since I returned to Ontario, I was wondering to myself about how amazing it would be if Telus had these hotspots all across the country so that TELUS  Mobility / Koodo customers and non-customers alike would be able to take advantage of such an amazing service. I really miss not having that in Ontario. Hopefully Telus would consider expanding #TELUSDirect Wi-Fi availability across our great country someday in the foreseeable future. Sure the  proposition might sound like a costly one but a lot of people would benefit from that.

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TELUSDirect uses the Telus existing internet services to provide the connectivity to the Wi-Fi network to which you were able to connect. I believe Bell offers similar connectivity in Ontario, and eastern Canada.