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Hello I wish that Telus can get better prepaid plans which includes Canada Wide calling and daytime minutes or Telus should have a plan called paybefore or payafter for the same plans and Telus should also offer no contract plans which includes no credit checks just pay for everything up-front also for Telus home phone internet and TV Telus should expand Canada wide for the home services and Telus is the best provider in the world and keep up the great work

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Community Power User
Community Power User

Pay as you go is usually someone with no credit, Only uses for emergencies, or just uses it once an a while. That's the whole reason contracts and post paid plans exist.

That's the way it's been since the 90's and it's never going to change.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@ddj1234 Thank you for your submission. Our Pay & Talk and Postpaid systems will remain the same based on credit checks being a necessity for postpaid accounts. 

We would love to see your comments on how we can specifically improve rate plans in existing ideas. 

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