Pik tv app for Apple TV


I think Pik tv is a huge step forward in making tv more modern in Canada, but it's not quite there yet. I would love if I could just watch tv on my Apple TV instead of plugging in *another* box. If that is added I will definitely consider subscribing.

Status: Under Review
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Hi there @AppleTVlife


I understand what you mean and think it's definitely worth looking at. I've forwarded it to our Pik team for consideration.


Thanks a lot Smiley Happy

Status changed to: Under Review
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I feel the same, and that's one of the reason I unsubscribed and sold the Pik TV box.


I have a Smart TV, and then apple TV box as well which comes loads of apps , like CBC News, CBC TV, CityTV are free where as apps like Treehouse for kids, Roots TV which is a multi cultural package subscription based.. loads of such apps both free and subscription based.


Another box and another remote, I hate that.


One box and apps, will wait for PikTV app on apple TV box and/or as Smart TV app.


Please consider releasing Android TV app as well.

The Pik TV box is already running Android TV and there is only one Android TV device officially on sale in Canada -- Nvidia Shield TV. So, I hope it should be easy to test the app on a single device.

And I would gladly volunteer in case you need testers for app on Shield TV.


Bell Fibe on AppleTV is awesome , would subscribe to tv again if supported 

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I find your services Pik TV interesting but why are you staying and require an android box? Pik TV is about being more free and aiming the cable-cutter, but then with that service, the client is force to get a boring android box. I'm saying boring because the box is lacking feature.... While Bell (back East) is doing similar but with a total open approach who's working on Apple or Android Box. For people who's on Apple TV 4k, your Pik service is not good then Smiley Sad Any plan to open it up, since Pik TV got already the iPhone / iPad app? For sure, if you were offering that option a lot of new customers including me would sign it....


This is the one feature that would convince me to switch away from Telus if a competitor offered it first. I would really prefer to not have to use the Telus boxes. I find the interfaces and remotes to be poor. Also I would rather have fewer boxes.  So please consider offering Telus TV via apple TV (and on android boxes too for android users).


- Thanks!