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Just Moved In

Allow the user to remove channels from the Guide that they will never use.


I concur!! I just started Pik TV as a trial and the most damning problem, and one that will be a deal breaker probably, is the lack of the ability to individually check off the channels I do not watch and therefore do not want to see in my guide. Huge waste of time and effort, and annoying.


Of the advertised 23(briefly got a notice was 32?) included channels, there are 3 or 4 major network channels for news and entertainment. ALL the rest are specific interest groups, minority, language channels which I have no use for nor interest in. Some few regional news and entertainment channels will be explored but it's still only bored time stuff.


The concept of Pik TV is good. I tried it a couple years ago and it was unusable, partly for the browser flash issue even then. I had hoped they had solved that issue. Seriously, the channel guide will drive me away into the arms of US TV streaming via VPN. Telus, please give your customers what they want and need. TY 🤞

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Tedster,


We have submitted your idea to our Pik TV teams. Thanks!

Community Manager
Community Manager