Pik TV app for Apple TV


Please port the Pik iOS app to Apple TV.


I only need Pik on one TV and it can be limited to one Apple TV  per address.


Technically this is feasible with Apple's new "Zero Sign In" coming in tvOS V12, as the device detects if it's on the Telus broadband only. I'm even fine with signing on to the app.


Please give me Pik on my TV box of choice. 

Status: Completed

Yep, agree with this 100%.  You'd have a new Pik customer the moment you allow it on Apple TV.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@PBA Thanks for the idea! We have received a similar idea in the past, so I will combine yours and add your vote to it. We will share updates as we know more 🙂 

Status changed to: Under Review
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Community Power User
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Community Manager

@NFtoBC Good catch. I knew it was around the corner, then realized it was today. 


@PBA Please visit above link for more info. 

Status changed to: Completed
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here here! And... just because, what about making it available in Quebec?