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Status: Closed

Multiview was extremely disappointing in my opinion, a lot of wasted screen and very hard to see what was going on on the small blurry screen, but my telus experience would improve enormously(and my wifes) if they just offered a picture in picture so you could watch sports at the same time as other shows. Keeping the resolution in both pictures optimum. Allowing you to customize the placement and size of the secondary screen. That would be excellent!!!

Friendly Neighbour

Low usage for what could be a great feature generally means a poorly executed app, hard to use app, or app that isn't promoted.


Here is why, IMHO, multiview was discontinued as opposed to fixed:


Increase home WiFi data usage. The app was discontinued approximately 6 months after data capsstarted to be enforced. Coincidence? 

Status changed to: Closed
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @pingninja,


We're definitely working on a replacement for multi-view but don't have any updates to share on that front yet. Will keep you posted once we have something tangilble to share 🙂


Closing this idea for now.