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Status: Closed

Recently, while the World Cup was being televised, I had to record the games.  One game went through regulation, overtime and then into penalty kicks.  The unfortunate thing about this is the fact that my PVR stopped recording because it "assumed" the game would have ended at the scheduled time.  I have heard Shaw has the ability to set a "sports/game" option on their recordings so that if a game goes past the allotted, scheduled programming time, it will keep going until the telecast is over.  Is this something that Telus could maybe introduce?  I know there is a feature using the Optik TV app that allows recording for a length of time, but I couldn't understand if it meant length of time beyond the scheduled time, or whether it was total recording time.


Anyway, with a sports-crazed country, I would think this may be some value.




I remember visiting relatives in Germany.

They had this feature on their home VCR's at least as far back as 1991.  When a program would go into overtime, it would send a signal which would be picked up by the home VCR and it would extend the time.


One would hope that more than 20 years later, they would be able to enable this feature...

Status changed to: Under Review

Hi Darryl, Thanks for sharing this feedback - and sorry you missed the World Cup game. 


The recording feature you referenced in your Idea does allow TV users to extend the recording time, but it is good to know that the navigation is not clear.


Here’s how you goabout using the feature should you need it in the next little while: 


  1. Press ‘Rec TV’ and this brings up your PVR recordings.
  2. Go to the tap for “scheduled” – select the title you want to edit, and press "OK"
  3. Press “Record settings” and select if you want to do this for the series or for a one-time show. Then press "OK"
  4. Select “Stop recording” and select how many minutes after the show you want it to stop.


We've submitted your feedback on improving the feature and the idea is now under review.

Status changed to: New Idea
Status changed to: Under Review
Just Moved In
I believe Telus Satellite has this feature as well. Would think Optik would also have it. I am tired of missing the end of games as well.

In the old days of VCR recording, wasn't the program tied to a numeric code instead of Channel and Start and End times.


I always add time to Live Events so I won't miss the end!

The problem also exists with the program following the extended event.  With Telus PVR, if an NFL game extends 10 minutes beyond the hour, then your recording of 60 Minutes, (the program following NFL) will have 15 minutes of NFL and only 45 minutes of 60 Minutes.


This may be a major undertaking but there should be a built-in coding by program so that late endings of a program could be recorded as well as late starts!



Status changed to: Closed

Dear @myotherbrotherdarryl,


I'm just following up on this idea. While we do thank you for your feedback, there is already currently a work-around for extending your PVR recordings, albeit manual. This is currently not on our road map for 2015.


Please do keep submitting your awesome ideas and we'll continue exploring them.