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Status: Closed

another suggestion 🙂  ... under the PVR display screen we can choose to see recorded shows by date or name (title)... the scheduled recordings screen  only displays by date but would be helpful to have the same choice to display by date or name  


with the current recording process by channel instead of by show/episode it would make it easier to see duplicates in upcoming recordings or to see if PVR is missing an episode in a series..this has occurred for me a few times in the last couple of weeks where for what ever reason the PVR is not scheduling one of the upcoming new episodes...right now to double check my series are recording right or I haven't somehow scheduled a movie or single episode twice on different channels I have to sift through everything by date... if could see the shows by name as well, then it would be easily seen that one in a series is being missed..


thanks for considering this idea

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Community Manager