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Over the last 3 years I have noticed the PVR has problems recording First Run series episodes.  It appears that if the episode first airs in the U.S. before it airs in Canada, it won't record because the the original aired date in the episode "info" lists the U.S. date and not the original date aired on Optik.  So, in order to PVR the episodes you need to choose First Run and Rerun episodes, but than you end up every airing being recorded.  Can Telus fix this some how?


I've seen this issue as well. In general I wish the guide had episode date info that was more accurate. Even some news programs have old dates.


When I records series I too select first run/rerun but I choose ...any time once a day and it only records one time and not multiple. I too have chosen first run only but then my shows do not recorded.