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Status: New Idea

Can you PLEASE make a way for the PVR to be multiuser friendly?!!? People tell me this is a great idea; so it obviously is a needed function for many households!

When you go to tape a series, you would have the option to select which folder it would tape under. This would allow a household with many viewers to have their own and they can tape whatever they like and everyone else would know not to delete that show. The same show can be put in multiple folders; but if deleted in one persons it would not delete in the other folders until that user deleted it themselves. 

My mother in law lives with us full time and we watch some shows together but she forgets and ends up watching them on her own and then deleting it afterwards. She also watches A LOT of boring plain Jane shows, so by having them “hidden” in a sense it would make life better in my household because they would not be bombarding our other shows. It would also make scrolling through shows easier. 


Hope this can be achievable. Thank you in advance for all the hard work and effort into making this a great network. 

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